Our Causes

Simple Sending is a platform where donors can directly give specific items through our website and have those items delivered through Amazon or other online retailers. There are no fees with your transactions; 100% of the money you spend goes directly to the recipient.  

Currently, we are focusing on schools and kids in our Tarrant County area, because we believe that in order to make an impact on the world, one must start in his or her own community. We want to help kids in our area as much as possible because they are the future leaders of our society. 

All 30 Kids Have A Laptop Or Tablet!!

We have successfully gotten 30 Bhutanese refugee kids as partners with Simple Sending Inc. They are part of our Tech Drive; the kids are asking mostly for tech gadgets, and we go in and teach them and their parents how to use them!! All kids now have either a tablet or laptop! We have successfully fulfilled each kid's request. 


These kids and their families have been expelled from Nepal, and they had nowehere to go. They were eventually granted asylum here in the US, but a lot of families are separated and scattered across the US so some of these kids are trying to reunite with their families. These kids really need us now more than ever, because they have no one else to turn to for support. Please donate and help a child connect with his or her familiy. 

Give to the kids!