Hi guys and girls! Thanks for wanting to learn more about us. In one sentence we are: a non-profit set on connecting donors to actual people in 60 seconds, and 100% of the money goes to the chosen cause. 

We are a non-profit based in Fort Worth, TX. Our founder, Dilan Nana, is a 17 year old junior in high school who wants to share the amazing resources he has had with others. He does not want to just give donations -- he wants to connect with people, hear their stories, and connect these people with the local and global community. He believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to succeed and take charge of his or her life. 

Here's his story:

Hi future Simple Senders, 

My story goes back a couple of years. Both my parents are from Africa, my dad from Zambia and my mom from South Africa. I took a trip these countries in the summer of my 9th grade year and it was an absolutely humbling experience. I traveled to the villages where my parents came from and saw a glimpse of how most of the world lives: in poverty. I met people who had basically nothing, yet were still grateful for all they did had. They shared their stories and cultures with me; they showed me where I came from. These people became my friends and a sort of extended family. The main feeling I had througout the trip was helpessness; I could make no difference in these wonderful people's lives. Here I was, a kid from Texas, with an IPhone and a nice house in the suburbs, when there were kids begging for water, food, and clothes. After this enriching and awakening trip, I decided that if I was going to make a difference in these people's lives, in anyone's life, I had to come up with a faster and easier alternative to help; this is when Simple Sending began. 

I thought hard about what I could do and realized I could not do that much in person. I'm a high schooler taking APs and a load of extracurriculars; how am I supposed to make a difference in anyone's life when most of the day is spent behind a desk, at sports practice, or a club meeting? Then it struck me: TECHNOLOGY! If I could create a website where people could donate supplies directly to people in need and pay and ship those items through online vendors, then I can help the most people and make it super easy too. Nowadays, lots of people have a computer or a smartphone or both so why not put those devices to some good? Through my trip to my parents' villages, I realized that I could make a difference even if I was a busy teenager, all with the click of a mouse and a Wifi connection. 


So, donors, that's how Simple Sending came to fruition. I had a passion to help people that I cared about and met that need with technology. Thank you all for visiting my website and I hope you have an easy, seamless experience here at Simple Sending! 


Why are we different from other non-profits?

We connect donors directly to people in need. You choose who you want to help and how much money you want to spend on supplies. No strings attached, no smoke and mirrors. 

There's no need to worry about where your money goes either; ALL money is spent on supplies and no hard cash goes to anyone you help - just supplies.

Our charity plan:

1) You, as a donor, get to purchase the goods that the kids and schools on our sites need, not us. You get to choose which goods, how many, and how much you want to give. 

2) We go through trusted vendors and they handle all transactions so NO money is exchanged on our site, therefore eliminting the possibility of money being lost through our company. 

3) Every donor gets a thank you note and a picture to show how the school/kids are using your donation. This way, every person can see exactly how their contribution affects another person. 

4) Schools put exactly what they need, so you're not just donating money and we get to spend it frivolously. You get to see what they need, what they ask for, and then get it for them. 

5) The biggest factor to the difference between our charity and others is the fact that you can change a life in 60 seconds and donate. 

Our donation process is really short and sweet, all you do is committ to buying something, purchase it from Amazon, and then enter the tracking number on our site.

This way we can make sure that the kids get what they need and you get a picture and thank you note! 

All in all, we cut the middle man out, let you see where your money is going, and get a picture of confirmation to make sure what you contributed it being appreciated. You get to change a life just from a click on your computer!


Donating on our site walkthrough:

1) Pick a cause

2) Pick products you want to purchase 

3) Click on the products and you will be redirected to an online vendor. 

4) Enter the shipping address of the school as listed into the shipping information on the vendor's site. 

5) Enter a tracking number back into our site and wait for a notification that says that the school recieved your package!

6) You will then recieve a thank you note and picture from the school showing how your donation is being utilized. 

7) We will email with all the information pertaining to tax. 

8) Done! You just helped somebody in need!